Webinar: How Louis Copeland grew their marketable customer base by 5X with Dataships (Available On-Demand)

eComm Live Presents

Dataships x Louis Copeland Webinar

02/11/2023 10:30

πŸš€ Learn how this top Irish menswear brand Louis Copeland & Sons achieved a remarkable 5X increase in their marketable customer base with the game-changing support of Dataships.

πŸ‘” Who? Aaron Hearns (eCommerce Manager, Louis Copeland) & Ian Madigan (Head of Partnerships, Dataships)
πŸ“† When? Thursday 2nd November, 10.30-11.30am
🌐 Where? Online – Accessible from Anywhere!

What you will learn:Β 

βœ… About Louis Copeland: Gain insights into Aaron’s dynamic role as eCommerce Manager at Louis Copeland and the incredible achievements he has spearheaded.

βœ… Pre-Dataships Challenges: Uncover the challenges Louis Copeland faced before partnering with Dataships, from smaller marketable lists to lagging click rates.

βœ… Post-Dataships Implementation: Learn how Dataships transformed Louis Copeland’s approach to email marketing growth, leading to skyrocketing revenue and improved click and open rates.

βœ… The Value of Dataships: Explore the tangible value Dataships brought to Louis Copeland, and how it can revolutionise your business too.

πŸš€ Don’t miss your chance to unveil the transformative power of Dataships and the outstanding success of Louis Copeland, secure your virtual seat today!

Meet the speakers

Ian Madigan

Head of Partnerships
Ian is a former professional Irish rugby player. He is also an investor and the Head of Partnerships at Dataships. Ian is passionate about helping businesses navigate the complexities of data privacy and using these regulations to the businesses advantage.

Aaron Hearns

eCommerce Manager
Throughout my experience I have developed my ability to bring teams together to achieve objectives and KPIs that are aligned with company strategic goals and visions. I adopt a collaborative approach and appreciate the importance of communication and team work. That's why, in fast-paced environments with cross-functional teams, I adapt to fit others' thought processes in order to be more productive.

Kevin Traynor

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in senior level digital roles in e-commerce, financial services, e-learning and publishing. As well as eComm Live he also runs the Irish eCommerce Awards, DeFi Conf and Grow Consultancy.

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