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After the success of the 2019 & 2020 events, we are back with an even bigger programme of activity for eComm Live 2021, with a hybrid in-person and live-streamed event.

On 22nd & 23rd September, we will be live with an in-person event at the Assembly Buildings in Belfast City Centre for those delegates available to travel, and a live stream of content for those unable to attend in person.

We expect to welcome 500+ delegates from across the UK & Ireland for 2 jam-packed days of training, talks, workshops & panels featuring a phenomenal list of global eCommerce experts.


The background of eComm Live

The Origins of eComm Live

Digital commerce is booming – yet until 2019 there was no event to cater for this burgeoning industry in Ireland.

Given the explosive growth of eCommerce, there was a gap in the market for a conference to cater for our thriving eCommerce industry and professionals. And so, eComm Live was born…

eComm Live is now one of the UK & Ireland’s biggest eCommerce events – with an international audience of eCommerce retailers, agencies, software providers & more.

The Origins of eComm Live

Our Manifesto

We’re big supporters of all human rights, diversity and people being supportive of each other. We aim to make all of our events fully inclusive and diverse in both the content we deliver and the people we ask to deliver that content.

We strive to have a 50:50 gender balance and a racially diverse cohort of speakers, trainers and panellists that reflects our society at large.

Our Manifesto

Why eComm Live?

In the last number of years we have seen a huge acceleration in internet retail. 85,000 eCommerce businesses were launched in the UK alone during lockdown.

Charged Retail refers to it as “one of the most significant transformations the UK retail sector has ever seen.”

eComm Live is Ireland’s leading internet retail conference – during Covid-19 we expanded our reach to a global audience with our online webinars & events.

Why eComm Live?

More Than a Conference

In addition to a full-day conference featuring global eCommerce Leaders, eComm Live offers technical eCommerce Training for industry professionals seeking to upskill and grow their knowledge.

Courses offered include SEO for eCommerce, Email Marketing & Automation for eCommerce, Google Shopping Advertising, Selling on Amazon, Digital Analytics for eCommerce & more.

eComm Live delegates can also attend unique Social Activities in Belfast City Centre – a Gin Distillery Tour, Street Art Tour, Titanic Museum Tour and more  – as well as access to our Opening & Closing Parties, Networking Events & more.

More Than a Conference


What you can expect

World class speakers

We’ve assembled a lineup of expert speakers to give you up to date info and analysis on key eCommerce subjects and trends.

Connecting with people

eComm Live is your chance to connect with like-minded eCommerce professionals from a range of backgrounds & industries.

Unique digital ideas

Learn deep technical insights on a range of eCommerce topics including SEO, Email Automation, Facebook Advertising & more.


Event details

Summit schedule

22nd & 23rd September 2021
Day 1 : 09:00am to 11:00 pm
Day 2: 09:00am to late

Ticket booking enquiries

If you have any queries regarding ticketing, please contact us at hello@ecomm.live

Assembly Buildings Conference Centre

2-10 Fisherwick Place


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