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BELFAST / 2nd MAY 2019
Founder & CEO at IRP Commerce

Daniel Loughlin

Dan is the founder and current CEO of IRP Commerce.

The IRP ecommerce platform is all about Intelligence-Led Commerce. IRP technology turns data into insight – then insight into actions – and actions into sales.  IRP Commerce believes that the future of commerce is going to be fought out on intelligent systems and believes that investing in IRP technology is one of the most important decisions you can make to grow your business and outperform your competition.

The IRP has transacted over £ 1 Billion pound in sales for Irish companies North and South of the border.



Intelligence Led eCommerce – demonstrating how you use AI to turn data into revenue

AI and machine learning are already the buzz word of the year! See a real world example of how data, statistics and machine learning can transform an understanding of eCommerce and radically increase sales numbers.

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