The eCommerce Conference you cannot miss in 2020!

November 27, 2019NewsSeminarsSpeakers

The eCommerce Conference you cannot miss in 2020!

November 27, 2019

Why should you attend this eCommerce Conference?

eComm Live is Ireland’s  leading eCommerce conference and delegates attend from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, as well as the UK more broadly.

It’s a great way to fast-track your business progress or growth and you can expect to achieve any number of the following from attending:

–         Growing your networks

–         Learning about new products or services, some of which might still be very much in embryonic form (so you’re getting an exclusive heads up)

–         Cramming a volume of knowledge that would normally take you a lot more time to digest, or cost a lot more for someone else to digest it on your behalf

–         Learning from peers. Others might be in the same boat as you, but possibly a little further upstream. You’d be surprised how many people can be willing to share their talent, trials and errors

–         Circuit breakers. Stepping outside the everyday operations of your business can be hugely beneficial for you and the business, especially if you’re doing something that will still directly benefit the workplace

So with that in mind, if you’re based in or within easy reach of the UK and Northern Ireland, this event should most definitely be on your radar.

Why is this eComm Live the leading eCommerce conference in Ireland?

The quality of our speakers; the subjects they will explore; the intel that will share with you; the ideas you will walk away with; the like-minded business leaders with whom you will connect make eComm Live not just the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, but the leader across Ireland and with a growing following more broadly across the UK.

Your business can’t afford for you to miss this eCommerce conference. Why?

Ireland doesn’t have to look outside for online inspiration, innovation and expertise. It’s happening right here on our doorstep. But who is championing this local talent and who is incubating it so that more can succeed, and we can all grow more powerful and prosperous?

We created eComm Live as a result of two key motivators:

1.0               Ireland’s burgeoning eCommerce ecosystem, despite –

2.0              A lack of regional support and collective presence by way of networking, sharing intel and essentially nurturing individual success through collaboration

What is the programme for this eCommerce Conference?

We’ve worked to make this as informative and engaging two days as possible. If your head is not buzzing with information, inspiration, ideas and contacts after this event, then we won’t have done our job properly!

We’ve taken the very best of what was a wildly successful inaugural event, and we’ve made it even better. We were grateful for some terrific feedback from some of our first year event participants and we’ve used this to curate themes, speakers and sessions that are going to deliver you exactly what you want.

The two days will comprise keynote presentations from regional leaders with myriad eComm expertise. This is going to be punctuated with interactive workshops and training sessions, and of course refreshment pauses and lunch. There will also be an awards evening and exclusive after-parties so be sure to stay abreast of programme news as we announce updates. You can do this by signing up to our enewsletter or following us on social media.

What topics are discussed at the conference?

The topics that matter to your business. Here are just some of the themes you can be assured from the 2020 programme:

  •         Automation
  •         Payment gateways
  •         Platforms
  •         Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  •         Hosting
  •         Mobile commerce
  •         UX and UI
  •         Returns
  •         Google Shopping
  •         Personalisation
  •         Online marketplace
  •         PPC + CRO
  •         Artificial intelligence and eCommerce
  •         Internationalisation
  •         Amazon, EBay
  •         Major global online retail shopping days – Singles Day (China), Black Friday, Cyber Monday

What level of speakers can I expect from the eComm Live conference?

We pride ourselves on combining the very best of global talent in eCommerce with the the very best talent in the eCommerce space that Ireland has to offer.

Cassandra Stephens – Global Commerce Lead, Zenith

Luke Carthy – eCommerce Consultant

Daniel Loughlin – Founder, IRP Commerce

Colin Christie – Founder, Christies Direct

Kevin Traynor – Founder, eComm Live

Steve Irwin – EMEA eCommerce Director, Asics

Who else is attending this eCommerce conference?

Our inaugural event saw hundreds of participants representing established enterprises, start-ups, digital and marketing departments, trade associations, retailers, software companies, agencies, delivery businesses, recruitment agencies, payment gateway providers and media representatives.

Based on the phenomenal response, we’re anticipating much bigger numbers, which means plenty more networking opportunities for you.

What can I learn from an eCommerce conference that I can’t find out myself online?

Do you have copious volumes of time to trawl the internet wading through infinite hours of DIYs and how-tos? Can you filter the quality from the quick con? Do you know what you don’t know, but need to find out? Are you confident that a cold-turkey LinkedIn approach will create relationships your business can leverage?

Probably not.

eComm Live cuts to the chase. It’s not just what you’ll learn, but how you’ll learn it and who you will learn it from.

We fill these two days from start-to-end with quality content. We surround you with invaluable connections. We know you can’t afford to have your time wasted, and we want to wow you to such a degree that you put this event on your annual calendar as a reoccurring activity. 

Still got questions?

Not a bother. Either get the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us and hear from us direct.

You’re a believer, where do you book your tickets?

You’re not alone! We’re experiencing a huge level of early-bird interest in the 2020 conference.  Rest assured these will be two of the most informative, networked, inspiring days in your 2020 calendar.  We’re looking forward to welcoming you! Book your tickets here.