TikTok for eCommerce


With TikTok now at over 1 billion monthly active users and one of the most talked about social media apps for marketers, this is your opportunity to find out more about the platform and how to make the most of it for your business.

TikTok has completely transformed the world of social media with its discovery-based algorithm and authentic short-form video content. Many businesses are struggling to understand the value of TikTok or create content in a way that really cuts through.

In this course we will take you from learning the fundamentals of the app and best practices for success, through to actually creating content. We will also touch on paid media advertising opportunities, TikTok Shop and making the most from influencers on the platform.

TikTok for eCommerce

Europa Hotel
Oli Hills
26/04/2023 09:30 - 26/04/2023 15:00

BOOK TRAINING + conference

This training session is for eCommerce professionals, marketers and CEOs who are looking to learn how TikTok can work for their business.


You’ll learn how brands are currently leveraging TikTok through authentic content creation and embracing the platform. You’ll also understand how TikTok has totally changed the game from a content production perspective, making it much more accessible to create content for your brand at scale.

You’ll need to be prepared to actually get active on TikTok and create your own TikTok content during the day. Come with an open mind to TikTok and embrace how you can leverage the platform in a multitude of ways to grow your eCommerce business.


For this session you’ll need to bring your phone with the TikTok app downloaded and an account set up. Headphones will also be handy, especially when creating and editing your own videos.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Organic TikTok and how it has changed the social media landscape
  • Topic 2 – Types of videos you can create
  • Topic 3 – Inspirational accounts on TikTok
  • Topic 4 – A comprehensive step by step guide to creating TikTok videos
  • Topic 5 – Over to you… create your own TikTok videos
  • Topic 6 – Overview of the equipment needed to maximise your TikTok content
  • Topic 7 – An introduction to TikTok advertising
  • Topic 8 – Top tips for working with influencers and maximising performance
  • Topic 9 – An overview of TikTok Shop and the growth of social commerce
  • 1 Full Day Training (26/4)
  • Full Training Materials
  • Complimentary Lunch, Tea & Coffee (26/4)
  • FREE Entrance to Retail Tech Live Fringe Event (26/4)
  • Entrance to Women in eCommerce Networking Session (26/4)*
  • Networking Activities (26/04)
  • Opening Party including complimentary drink (26/4)
  • 1 Full Day Conference Ticket (27/4)
  • All Conference Materials & Recordings
  • Access to Conference Networking App
  • Complimentary Lunch, Tea & Coffee (27/4)
  • Closing Party including complimentary Drink & Snacks (27/4)

*Entrance criteria apply


Oli Hills

Oli is CEO of Nonsensical, TikTok Marketing Agency. Having spent his early career working in investment management, Oli left the world of finance to launch his first business aged 25 - using image recognition software to analyse brand usage at endurance events such as marathons and triathlons. Having taken over Updates Media Limited (now Nonsensical) in 2017, he has transformed the business to focus on TikTok and now speaks regularly on the topic at major events. Oli is also on the board of governors at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Birmingham as well as sitting on the Digital and Innovation Board at BMet College.

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