Email Marketing for eCommerce


Email marketing, if done correctly, should account for a significant proportion of online revenue for a D2C business and this course will ultimately show you how to achieve this. We’ll be covering everything from automation, campaign strategy, list growth, segmentation and more and also looking at a few other tools and strategies to maximise the customer lifetime value and ultimately grow profitability for your business.

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Europa Hotel
Patrick McCarthy
26/04/2023 09:30 - 26/04/2023 15:00

BOOK TRAINING + conference

A value-packed day of training in email marketing tailored to your business from an ecommerce email marketing expert.


A laptop with full access to your email service provider account (if you have one).

  • Introduction: Why email marketing is an essential part of an ecommerce business and what tools work best. 
  • Automation: The three automated email flows that are vital to your business plus another six that are almost as important (and how to implement them). 
  • Campaign Strategy: When to send campaign emails and to what segments in order to maximise open rates, click rates and ultimately revenue. 
  • Deliverability: How to ensure your emails stay out of “promotional” folders/tabs and, more importantly, spam folders. 
  • List Growth: The best ways to grow your email list with not just subscribers but engaged subscribers.
  • Segmentation & List Management: Ensuring you are getting the most value out of your subscribers by sending the right content to the right people.
  • Compliance: Nobody likes talking about GDPR but we’ll discuss what it means for email marketing along with the best ways to grow your email list while remaining compliant. 
  • Reporting & Analytics: How to know what metrics to look for and how to benchmark for your industry. 
  • Customer Lifetime Value Optimisation: Expanding out from email marketing, we’ll also look at how to bring other tools and strategies into your business to help increase Customer Lifetime Value and bring down Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • 1 Full Day Training (26/4)
  • Full Training Materials
  • Complimentary Lunch, Tea & Coffee (26/4)
  • FREE Entrance to Retail Tech Live Fringe Event (26/4)
  • Entrance to Women in eCommerce Networking Session (26/4)*
  • Networking Activities (26/04)
  • Opening Party including complimentary drink (26/4)
  • 1 Full Day Conference Ticket (27/4)
  • All Conference Materials & Recordings
  • Access to Conference Networking App
  • Complimentary Lunch, Tea & Coffee (27/4)
  • Closing Party including complimentary Drink & Snacks (27/4)

*Entrance criteria apply


Patrick McCarthy

Patrick is the founder of Digifly, an ecommerce agency focused on growing customer lifetime value for their clients. Prior to founding Digifly, he ran his own D2C ecommerce store, which he grew into a seven-figure enterprise and therefore is keenly aware of the challenges facing online retailers. With a deep understanding of the email marketing industry, honed by his extensive experience working with Klaviyo over the past decade, both for his own business and for clients across Ireland, the UK, and the US, Patrick is a leading expert in the field.

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