2 Days / 20+ Talks
30+ Speakers / 250+ Professionals

W5, ODYSSEY, BELFAST / 23rd & 24th SEPTEMBER 2020

Seminars & Workshops

As part of our conference we’re offering a series of FREE seminars & workshops from industry experts to allow you to learn from global brands.

We’ve lined up a selection of seminars & worshops delivered by true experts in their field.

The conference takes place on 29th April 2020 at W5, The Odyssey, Belfast following our industry Training Day on 29th April 2020.

We’ll be announcing more FREE seminars & workshops in the coming weeks.


Killer Secrets to eCommerce Success

What are the factors that add up to project success? What makes a website exceed expectations or makes a campaign impossible to ignore?

Jason Purdy, Eyekiller’s Head of Digital Strategy, has all the answers and more in this candid and insightful talk.


The State of Online & Mobile Retailing in Ireland

Join Emma McGeown as she presents findings from Mintel’s 2020 Online and Mobile Retailing in Ireland report – and highlights the opportunities and challenges for retailers in the face of increasingly demanding Irish consumers.


Less Cost, More Sales – The Secrets to Google Shopping

Join Marco McKay from the League of Advertising – one of Ireland’s leading Google Shopping experts talk you through some industry tips and tricks to produce more sales at less cost.